Human Resources/Personnel Management Services:

SPS provides advice and assistance to clients in one or more of the following areas: (1) human resources and personnel policies, practices, and procedures; (2) employee benefits planning, communication, and administration; (3) recruitment; and (4) staff augmentation.

Our HR and Personnel consultants are valuable resources when it comes to maintaining personnel records, managing facility security clearances, training supervisors and project leaders, managing employee benefits, preparing employee handbooks, recruiting, etc.

We also supply professional staff to manage the client’s Human Resources Dept. The individuals provided are employees of SPS but may be directly supervised by the client.


Please contact us today to discuss your needs within the following areas: 


  • Benefit consulting services
  • Employee assessment consulting services
  • Employee benefit consulting services
  • Organization development consulting services
  • Personnel management consulting services
  • Human resource consulting services









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