At SPS, we recognize and understand the burden of “minding your own business”.  Our job is to help Business Owners/Executives realize their dream of becoming an entrepreneur by assisting with their day-to-day business decisions.  Our Executive Clone service is unique because our mission is to become “your butt in the seat” and assume your position for the day. Your Executive Clone will sit at your desk, sort and organize your action items (from notes, e-mails, incoming correspondences, voice mails, requests from staff, etc.), while processing, preparing or executing each action item. Your Executive Clone may have access to personal and business confidential information. However, we hold your information in strict confidence and will not share it with anyone.

Why hire an Executive Clone when you have an Executive Assistant or Chief Operating Officer?  Your Executive Clone supports YOU! She is there to process the information provided to you by your Executive Assistant or Chief Operating Officer. She is your eyes and ears when you’re not in the office.  As an Executive, you have direct reports that you must personally manage. Your Executive Clone will help you manage your time more effectively by eliminating those tasks that are preventing you from making progress.


Typical Day:

  1. Upon arrival, your Executive Clone will sit at your desk and start reviewing and sorting the action items on your desk. If the Executive is available, a brief meeting will be held to go over the Executive’s most pressing item(s) and objectives.
  2. Your Executive Clone will check your e-mails and voice mail messages to determine the appropriate response.
  3. Your Executive Clone is very intuitive! She will note and immediately process action items that cross her path. She will have access to your accounting and business files because the goal is not to interrupt your business by placing additional demands on your staff. Her interaction with your staff is driven by your direction.  The Executive will explain to their staff that the Executive Clone is here to support him/her. Your staff will be very leery of your Executive Clone’s presence.  Particularly your right hand person or your senior managers. They may think they’re being replaced! The message to the staff from the Executive must be communicated properly. They must view your Executive Clone as your “Clone” and be as supportive to her as they are to you.
  4. At the end of the day, your Executive Clone will leave a list of action items that will either be addressed by her on the next visit or forwarded to others for completion.  If the Executive is available, a brief meeting will be held to go over the list and determine the next steps.

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